Chris Jarosz Sacramento car accident: 55 year old restaurateur dies in a Highway 50 crash

55-year-old popular Sacramento restaurateur Chris Jarosz passed away on Wednesday, May 24, 2023,after meeting with a fatal car accident. The accident took place on Highway 50, as confirmed by Sacramento County. They further said that Chris Jarosz succumbed to the injuries caused by the fatal accident.

The California Highway Patrol, while speaking about the accident, said that an SUV was going westbound on Highway 50 and it drove into a lane which was blocked because there was some construction work going on. As the SUV took a turn, it hit a trailer that was equipped with an arrow board, and the rear portion of a truck.

The California Highway Patrol further said that Jarosz was not wearing a seatbelt and that also caused his immediate death.

Chris Jarosz was a popular restaurateur. He owned several restaurants in Sacramento. He owned restaurants like Broderick Roadhouse, Bones Craft Kitchen, and Anomino Pizza. He was also the co-owner of Localis, which received a Michelin star in 2022.

Several people mourned the demise of Chris Jarosz and said that they are still in shock

As the news of Chris’ demise came to light, several restaurateurs mourned his demise. Jot Condie, president & CEO of the California Restaurant Association told KCRA, “I am still in shock.” Condie further said,

“Jarosz would make a sort of a basic burger or a taco or whatever, and he would step it up five, six notches. he signature that he brought to Sacramento restaurants, the culinary scene, was this ‘craveable’ food.”

“What we do at the restaurant is offer hospitality and have a chance for others to give us that hospitality, but also to spend time and enjoy that hospitality with someone else who’s in the business, and understands what you do, was a great gift.”
Mulvaney further said,

“Chris was one of those who said, ‘We have empty cooks, and empty restaurants, and food in the fields, and we know there’s hungry people out there what are we going to do?’ In Sacramento, we brought probably about 3 million meals and a good number of those came from him.”

“We are saddened to say that our leader Chris Jarosz had a terrible accident this morning and passed away. Our condolences to his family and closed friends. God bless Chris, rest in peace. You will be missed.”

It was further mentioned that the restaurant will be closed on May 24th and that they would be back to regular hours May 25th onwards.

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