Everything we know Will there be a Dragon Ball Super season 2?

Akira Toriyama’s manga was lovingly adapted by Toei Animation in 2015 and had fans hooked for a glorious three-year journey.

Once the season wrapped, viewers were treated to two movies ‚Äď Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero ‚Äď but we’ve since been left in the dark as to when we can expect another instalment of Goku and the others

If Dragon Ball Super season 2 follows the manga faithfully, it will most likely adapt the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga and The Moro Arc. Moro acts as the new antagonist and supervillain who will challenge the Z warriors for supremacy with his world-destroying powers capable of draining a planet’s life source.

Fans may also see Goku is tasked with assisting Jaco in his capture of Moro, which forces him to go toe-to-toe with the wizard, testing the limits of his Ultra Instinct.

According to staff, apparently so. A member of Toei Animation Philippines, Florence Jay Dominguito, spoke about the future of Super in an interview for the official Dragon Ball website.

“As a fan, I’m really looking forward to new movies and merchandise. I’m also excited about the new anime that will continue Dragon Ball Super,” they admitted.

So it does appear something is in the works over at Toei whether it’s another movie or a full-fledged season 2. In the meantime, if you want to catch up on previous series,¬†check out the watch order here.

When can we expect Dragon Ball Super season 2 news?

The widespread speculation is that we can expect an announcement, or possibly even a release, in the latter half of 2023.

Leakers claim production is already under way and the original creator, Akira Toriyama, is on board.

The leakers are highly credited for nailing the news on the head but it’s best to take things with a pinch of salt until we have an official source.

Who could return in the Dragon Ball Super season 2 cast?

We don’t have an official confirmation yet but it’s hopefully safe to assume a few pivotal cast members will return. As long as there are no technical or contractual issues, the following still have a lot of loose ends to wrap up.

  • Masako Nozawa as Son Gok√Ľ
  • Ry√ī Horikawa as Vegeta
  • Sean Schemmel as Goku
  • Masakazu Morita Uisu
  • Doc Morgan as Narrator
  • K√īichi Yamadera as Birusu
  • Christopher Sabat as Vegeta
  • Mayumi Tanaka as Kuririn

Is there a Dragon Ball Super season 2 trailer?

Not yet! While we wait for a full-length season 2 trailer, take a look at our anime recommendations video shared below.

We’ll update this page as and when more trailers or plot details are released.

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