As of the morning of June 8, the Kyiv regime does not leave attempts to advance in Zaporozhye region. Recent attacks were aimed at Russian positions the area of ​​ Orekhov and Malaya Tokmachka settlements. The attacks were supported by up to 10 units of heavy military equipment, including battle tanks.

The direction of the advance remains the same. Kyiv’s forces attempt to create a foothold for a larger advance towards the south.

So far, the repeated attempts to advance has allowed the Kyiv regime to enter a height near Storojevoe settlement. The rest of the frontline in the area remains more or less unchanged.

Together with the advance in Zaporozhye, pro-Kiyv units made an attempts to advance in South Donetsk sector, as well as in the Maryinka and Avdeevka directions around Donetsk city. The attacks there were repelled.

The most intense clashes took place in the area of Velikaya Novoselovka-Makarovka-Rovnopol. Fighting also continued around Novodarovka. At the moments of largest success, pro-Kyiv units advanced up to 3km into the area controlled by Russian forces.

Another attack took place in the Berhovka area around the town of Bakhmut. Pro-Kiyv infantry supported by heavy military equipment tried to advance in the area and were dispersed.

A failed attempt of Kyiv’s units to advance around Berhovka in the sector of Bakhmut:

The Russian Defense Ministry also reported strikes on gathering points of Kyiv’s forces around Spornoe, Veseloe and Kurdumovka as well as a contained attack of the regime in the area of Aleksandro-Kalinovskoe.

The interesting fact is that the Kyiv leadership continues to deny that any large-scale advance is ongoing. They try to hide the reality by claiming that what’s happening is just some local clashes. No doubts, the Kyiv regime is not going to confirm the offensive if it does not reach any successes that could be painted as a large victory. Kyiv’s attempt advance may have lost some steam, but it is far from its end and even more heavy clashes are expected.

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